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The symptoms of throat
Throat hurts
Swollen throat
Dryness in the throat
a foreign body in throat
You swallowed a foreign object
Faint voice (Difficult to voice out)

Throat hurts

- The symptoms of throat

Sore Throat

If you complain of sore throat, first, make sure there are no other symptoms. It is also important to examine how well a sore throat. For example, where what a pain in the throat, even if you feel pain or anything, we'll explore how things like an ache or when swallowed.

In most cases, a sore throat is caused by tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Otherwise, there is pain caused by swelling of the lymph glands under the ears. In this case, often feel pain in the ear. Beyond that, the sore throat occurs in acute laryngitis.

Throat hurts

Make sure you do not have any symptoms in the throat, to understand the symptoms of each disease is suspected, it is important to take appropriate action.
If only a simple sore throat, suspected pathology is as follows, if you have other symptoms, the reference also includes the other symptoms, please do understand the disease accurately as possible. For a sore throat, especially because many of the underlying pain condition, if your time is also important to examine the various medical conditions within the site.



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