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Swollen throat

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If the adenoids are swollen, what diseases like?

What are the adenoids?

Palatine tonsils that I see both sides of the back of the throat when a wide-mouthed so-called "amygdala" is. In contrast, called the adenoids at the pharyngeal tonsil, the end of the back of the nose and throat ie (pharynx), top (nasopharynx) located. Adenoids are usually not visible from the mouth. Palatine tonsils and adenoids as well, also in the immune organs, but also infected organ. Moreover, its magnitude changes with age but also the adenoids, enlarged its peak is 5-6 years old said.

sore throat

What happens with the larger adenoids?

A child is physiologically adenoids grow and become larger than a certain extent, can cause a variety of pathological symptoms. Adenoids are too large, it becomes filled the back of the nose, the nose makes it harder to breathe. I also participated, such as enlargement of the palatine tonsil hypertrophy of the adenoids, mouth breathing because the air passage is narrowed, mouth open or turned, causing your snoring and apnea during sleep The.

Sore Throat Reliefer

Relationship between otitis media and adenoid

The location of the adenoids may lead to the back of the ear canal. "Eustachian tube" is referred to as the throat and middle ear behind the eardrum of the ear (throat) and has been in touch. Climb a mountain, when you enter the tunnel, "filled ears" and the feeling, I have experience eased by drinking the spit Toka yawn. It is working for change in the ear canal and middle ear pressure with the outside world, because me and the regulation of middle ear pressure. However, there is inflammation of adenoid hypertrophy and in the near the eustachian tube, eustachian tube will not function well, accumulation of fluid in the middle ear, "otitis media" is said to be one of the causes of.
In addition, the adenoids are infected organ is not always the settled bacteria, some relationship with the Eustachian tube, inflammation of the adenoids can also affect the middle ear. To make matters worse, in recent years, "drug-resistant bacteria," known as the bacteria that are increasingly competitive as medicine changes. These bacteria are speaking from the perspective of people, those are very troubling, and infections caused by this fungus occurs in the period of immunity is still insufficient, especially children, it becomes difficult to cure. Has recently become a problem of stubborn suppurative otitis media in children 0-3 years old, bacteria in the adenoids are believed to have been associated with drug-resistant bacteria, especially live.


Surgery and adenoids?

For adenoids, and surgery should be considered a good job when it exceeds the harmful aspects of palatine tonsil and adenoids as well. Cut out in the mirror and adenoids endoscope from the mouth under general anesthesia.

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