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The symptoms of throat
Throat hurts
Swollen throat
Dryness in the throat
a foreign body in throat
You swallowed a foreign object
Faint voice (Difficult to voice out)

Swollen throat

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Sore Throat

Surgery to remove the tonsils and palate, and surgery for what?

Recent tonsil surgery, general anesthesia is done in most hospitals. It takes from anesthesia and surgery in the mouth. You do not cut the skin. I take from the surrounding tissue to gently remove the tonsils, back of the mouth so the location can sew the wound, nor can they cover with gauze. Therefore, careful to stop the blood during surgery to prevent bleeding or later. Any wound will be covered with clean mucosa.


What is safe to take the tonsils?

The tonsils, because of the role of immunity protect the body, whether it may take the tonsils as a child not-completed sufficient immunity throughout the body, especially for the terms is that there are different ways of thinking. However, studies so far is around 5-6 years old will have been completed almost immune competence of the body, if it had reached this age, surgery for adenoids and tonsils and few problems have been with have.
In addition, for infants under 2 years, the immune abnormalities evident in tonsils and adenoids after surgery is reported that there was no way. Irasshaimasu a lot more satisfied with the effect obtained by surgery Nasaru, when deciding whether to undergo the final surgery, it is preferable to consult the doctor again until convincing.

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