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The symptoms of throat
Throat hurts
Swollen throat
Dryness in the throat
a foreign body in throat
You swallowed a foreign object
Faint voice (Difficult to voice out)

Swollen throat

- The symptoms of throat

Sore Throat

Diagnosed cases: that was said to be better from the tonsils taken Doctor, can afford to take the tonsils?

What should I tonsil surgery in any case?

As mentioned earlier, the amygdala is "immune organ" and the plus side as "infected organ" There's a downside. That the human body for the tonsils, rather than beneficial, rather I suspect that it is harmful and has been recommended to take the tonsil surgery. Specifically, habitual tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitis in it, and tonsillar focal infection. First, as mentioned above, "habitual tonsillitis" If people are taking more than three or four times a year, chronic throat inflammation of the tonsils always there and then (throat), pain and discomfort, and mild fever persist "chronic tonsillitis" to surgery in case of.


In addition, when more severe acute tonsillitis, inflammation spreads up around the tonsils, peritonsillar abscess and peritonsillar inflammation (such as the brain) may cause. I also experienced a severe inflammation caused such an option would be to tonsillectomy. The focus of tonsillar infection is triggered by inflammation of the tonsils, a mysterious disease that causes the disease is secondary to other areas of the body. Secondary diseases, skin diseases, such as break out in a rash on the palms and soles (pustulosis palmaris et plantaris: Yousekinouhoushou then), bone diseases such as rheumatism, kidney (elephant dust) and heart disease and disease are many. In addition, the tonsils are too large, and even if you are eligible for surgery to affect swallowing and breathing.

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