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Swollen throat

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What is the amygdala?

When opening the mouth, so-called look from side to side near the back, "tonsil (palatine tonsil)" is. In general, the tonsils (winning Ed.) are known as the palatine tonsil is that this is a gland in the tonsils are not so formally called the amygdala. By the way, "amygdala", the term originally derived from Chinese, we mean the almond. If you mention it, I have the palatine tonsil are shaped like almonds. However, in the broadest sense, "amygdala" is in addition to the palatine tonsil pharyngeal tonsil in this (adenoids), base of tongue tonsils, ear tubes may tonsils. These throat (throat) and have arranged to surround the entrance, also plays a role to protect the body from bacteria and viruses from coming out through the nose and throat.

Swollen symptoms

Change the size of the tonsils

The baby is born, working for some time but got immunity from the mother, this maternal immunity diminishes gradually. Tonsils and lymph organs, has worked to protect the body from pathogens coming from the outside. From infancy to early adolescence in particular, become activity in the tonsil tissue, tend to have enlarged tonsils in the normal fellow. The peak of the hypertrophy is said to be about 6 years. Not such a physiological hypertrophy of the tonsils, be accompanied by a special condition, needs no special treatment. However, the extent to hypertrophy, or causing the snoring and apnea during the night, is hard to swallow or eat, you may consider surgery.


Sometimes, a swollen tonsils, or what causes this?

Apart from the physiological hypertrophy, swollen tonsils with inflammation, fever and throat (throat) can cause pain. Such as when your child have a cold, acute tonsillitis with a cause is not uncommon to recover quickly with treatment, the problem is not so. However, mental fatigue and cold, with temperature changes, etc., often may be repeated tonsillitis. "Habitual tonsillitis" is called, and became a sore throat and fever while rapid, ready to eat meals not in pain. The tonsils are not regularly inhabited by a variety of bacteria, the growth of resistant bacteria in the body when it fell, and source of infection. Amygdala as is "immune organ" with a "infected organ" with it, both sides may have positive and negative for the human body. Then as if to speak, in situations of interest above the surface of the tonsils harmful surface is also one way of taking the tonsils by surgery.


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