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The symptoms of throat
Throat hurts
Swollen throat
Dryness in the throat
a foreign body in throat
You swallowed a foreign object
Faint voice (Difficult to voice out)

Swollen throat

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Sore Throat

The most common cause of swelling of the throat, the disease is caused by tonsillitis accompanied by pain in the throat. To see for yourself which parts of swelling, so I think quite hard, and how pain comes from swelling, and pain are other symptoms and whether symptoms were seen in how to identify symptoms in detail We will.
Specifically, what a pain in the area and what the symptoms and insight, it is important to find out if their symptoms of post.

swollen throat

Rather than the throat and tonsils, another part is swollen and may look like a swollen throat. For example, under the ear swollen lymph line may appear around the throat is swollen.
Sites of symptoms, especially myself inspecting the Rye, I think the symptoms of this throat, and feel pretty certain Rices, it is important to recognize it's important to consult a doctor as soon as possible Please.

Swollen throat

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