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The symptoms of throat
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You swallowed a foreign object
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You swallowed a foreign object

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Bronchial foreign body of 90% legumes

Bronchial foreign body in the statistics, there are two peak years were almost 90% of the peanuts in legumes. Peanuts are prone to pneumonia in children under 2, a longer operative time and often serious complications, and there rarely may require a tracheotomy.
After bronchial foreign body in a continuous suction is characterized by severe coughing attacks, such as convulsions. Cyanosis and dyspnea as presenting choking sometimes you may vomit. This acute phase symptoms, but lost out once and are naturally attack by a foreign object coughing Fortunately, if the trachea still continues to settle in certain places. Foreign matter their size, shape, nature, the intervention sites, and then freezes gradually straying to the left or right bronchus, no cough, no foreign material occurs in the breathing side, looks like back to normal looks. This time is called the asymptomatic period, we are going to interview well in mind that this initial visit. Ventilation Broncos copy (surgery to take a bronchial foreign body under general anesthesia), the preparation of about 1 mm diameter forceps, including spare, all ahead of the curve in advance by all involved 臨Mubeki, for this family an explanation for everyone, and you may also get quite a pessimistic story.

foreign object

Most infants swallowed tobacco

Finally, Here's a foreign object is swallowed tobacco infant gastroenteritis. Rather this is a pediatric disease. 80% of the aspiration of drugs is less than five years, tobacco accounted for 40 percent. The amount of nicotine contained in cigarette is 15 to 20 milligrams, the amount of infant mortality (1 mg / kg), equivalent to two times. Therefore, we will see how induce vomiting if more than half, beyond which gastric lavage, adsorbents (activated carbon later I get a black stool) is required. Gastric lavage should be done within 60 minutes. Than tobacco water (dissolved in juice) is absorbed more quickly, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, hypersalivation (updated fluid secretion from), as well as increased blood pressure, tachycardia, respiratory symptoms, such as cheek appears. Poisoning have emerged 30 minutes after ingestion, many patients after the first two hours toward the recovery is said to have good confidence if there is no problem for 4 hours after ingestion and passage.

What To Do If swallowed and the cabinet! ?

Method can cope at home, in the first place, something likely to be foreign object is to place it out of reach of children.
Pulses in children under 2 years, give peanuts, place where cigarettes and ashtrays in children, to watch their children constantly, or mouth, the mouth include not move around, and is important. Also, if you see them close the covers Soutto, please do not never yell suddenly. The aspiration rather surprised by the children.
Note that when you eat the fish part of a person's ashes ten years in particular 2, please give yourself take only relaxes. When adults eat fish at the time of fasting blood glucose level on a meal first, where the spacious eat the bones of the fish with care. Hook the fish go hungry during the first rush. Moreover, since the remaining thin ossicles also eel, be careful. Although there is unplugged long tweezers, has recently come in so that it remains frozen in a foreign country fielded.
Once the coin to replace the battery, please not touch the children included informal Noh play together.
The winter season often play with foreign objects into the room like many parents around the course better, try to watch for the movement of children. The little note, I can avoid the unfortunate can happen in every little careless.

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