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You swallowed a foreign object

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Many foreign body ingestion in children: often seen in foreign body ingestion of children do?

Caution is needed about a year but your body starts to move actively

Ear, nose and get out that was closed state into something foreign body in the throat is called a disease.
Ear foreign body in the ear canal, nasal foreign bodies in the nose, throat foreign bodies in the throat, trachea and back and would be foreign to the esophagus. The percentage of foreign matter in all their patients, 20%, 5%, trachea, esophagus 40%, others may have already dropped in gastrointestinal cases. Typical emergency disease is the presence of Otolaryngology.

Published by Igaku Shoin "otorhinolaryngology" Mr. Hino is a common reason underlying the positive in children, and wrote as follows folded.

"Foreign body disease in children is less than one year closer increases suddenly it starts moving from it to you. Most of which are often due to carelessness of people around the parents in the home or . In general, infants tend to stuff one's mouth mouth full of food, and therefore aligned teeth, 噛Mi砕Kezu sufficiently small round, hard and slippery pulse period, (support) is likely to be foreign material.
In addition, infants tend to want anything into the mouth, within playing into things around in your mouth, Dali fell, surprised you, or been beaten back, coughing again, suddenly that can be induced by tears, or aspiration to be reflective of a moment with the breath is very often swallow foreign objects inadvertently became an example. "

foreign object

External auditory canal foreign bodies often toy ball

Ear canal foreign body, foreign body in adults animate (living), and many inanimate foreign bodies in children (such as a toy ball) tends to be more. Large plastic balls to children, Azuki (red bean), etc. Since the slippery round, the key objects (Tsukou Eve) Pull out the hook is rotated from the gap into the shape of a target that is key. However, children are often unstable in anxiety and pain may also be performed during general anesthesia.
It was also the case that contained two. The Ministry of foreign matter like this, you just entered in advance What are some useful and very firmly told people in our Kudasaru. However, as mentioned in another, because it prevents you look firm and do not know what is entered, you may not hear from the person can only imagine.


Button-type battery foreign body causing severe mucosal damage

Nasal foreign body, which I take with forceps, here is a recent problem with the button-type battery. In recent years, widely used in household appliances such as cameras and small electronic games, children become easy reach of the everyday, and increased foreign body aspiration and opportunity. Moreover, unlike button-type battery foreign bodies of the other liquid contents (electrolyte) has been known that significant mucosal damage and leakage of strong alkali, and requires immediate removal.
It is said that the change occurs 3-4 hours after the tissue from the mucosal cell battery attached to the button. The electrode reaction at the anode chlorine gas and hydrochloric acid, hypochlorous acid, and hydroxide ions at the cathode occurs, the organization will fail to occur, especially sodium hydroxide at the cathode of the latter. Aspiration is when the stomach immediately dropped, but that has been obtained without the natural emissions, and stay in one place, there are reports of patients who died caused the perforation.

foreign object

Representative of the foreign body throat fishbone

95% of the foreign body pharynx oropharynx, hypopharynx is 5%. Palatine tonsils oropharynx 67% of the foreign body, and I put the bottom 17%. 93% of fish bones, chicken bones, etc. and the other leg shrimp. The first released in the evening like a mother, a child ringside eels, and then noticed there were unusual for cases of sudden burst into tears. In this case, waiting to digest the food (because it may be asphyxiation by vomit and there is food in the stomach), may be taken by general anesthesia at 11 at night.
Most foreign bodies are food, stop at the entrance of the first esophageal stenosis that is 60% of the children money. Fish bones aged 20-40 dentures are often in their 40s to 60.

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