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The symptoms of throat
Throat hurts
Swollen throat
Dryness in the throat
a foreign body in throat
You swallowed a foreign object
Faint voice (Difficult to voice out)

You feel there is a foreign body in throat (swallowing hard)

- The symptoms of throat

Sore Throat

If there is a foreign body sensation in the throat, pharynx and larynx, esophagus or have some sort of foreign substance, that might be happening, or inflammation.


If you suspect a disease, such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, chronic inflammation of the vocal cords, vocal cord polyps and the like will help appeal to foreign body sensation. Also, throat cancer and esophageal cancer, etc. There are such strange things that stuck in my throat.
Even if there are no particularly unusual tests, if you feel like something is stuck in the throat, it might feel unusual disease Throat. Sense of disease is not unusual psychological Throat, people tend to be edgy look.
When things are difficult to swallow, throat cancer and esophageal cancer increases, there is a possibility that serve food. In addition, when older, swallow food or "swallowing reflex functions" because they are degraded, and swallow food and drink well, and you going to choke. In addition, if you have pain when swallowing, it might be pharyngitis.



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