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Faint voice (Difficult to voice out)

Faint voice (Difficult to voice out)

- The symptoms of throat

Sore Throat

The voice faded temporarily when speaking too large and karaoke are acute laryngitis, hoarse voice that persists, suspect a chronic inflammation of the vocal cords.
If you have a vocal cord polyp is less likely to be out loud hoarse voice, with vocal cord polyp-like, his voice is the voice you dummy. Many people in the high voice vocal nodules, voice out harder. In sulcus vocalis is associated with aging, there is no force in the voice, a loud voice be opened any longer. Laryngeal nerve paralysis in the paralyzed vocal cord nerves controlling the exercise, the harder out loud.
Without warning is not the most hoarse voice is a larynx cancer. Followed by a hoarse voice, which gradually faded badly, and when more severe sore throat is suspected laryngeal cancer.

Also, children often found in nodules which are not accustomed to speaking children, the symptoms often seen a faint voice, it means that you can because there is a gap in glottic nodules, from which breath is that the leak. So, if you happen too hoarse voice, the vocal cords cut octopus, the surgery is quite right that the vocal cords intertwine.




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